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Carol Gallant, Author
D.C. Gallant is an award-winning fiction writer, playwright, and community activist living in Harpers Ferry, WV, some sixty miles from Washington D.C., and it was on Capitol Hill that she made her career. Carol loved the challenge of working in the citizens’ branch of government. She also welcomes the challenge of being a creative individual—writing, on-stage, and fighting for heart-felt causes.

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Carol Gallant Latest Project

Carol Gallant, Author with Charlotte the Wonder Dog

Charlotte the Wonder Dog

Written with wit and insight, this writer’s biography of her dog expands the parameters of the "I love my dog" genre to create a story appealing not only to dog lovers but also to any reader who enjoys a well-turned phrase and a clever take on the timeless story of a Cinderella: A mutt from the dog pound makes good.

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Cause for Paws, Harpers Ferry, WV

Profits from Charlotte the Wonder Dog’s biography are donated to Cause for Paws (CFP) in Harpers Ferry, WV. This non-profit, all volunteer hospice/sanctuary helps homeless injured, severely sick and handicapped cats and dogs. Charlotte, once an orphan herself, is a frequent visitor to CFP and is featured on its logo and T-shirt.

CFP is not a facility for healthy but unwanted animals. At any one time, CFP may have more than 30 dogs and 100 cats—animals that are seen as useless and expendable by many because of their disabilities or health issues. Some can be re-homed, but most cannot. CFP provides holistic care, a quality of life and, when the time comes, a dignified death; often that ‘time’ is slow in coming. Miracle stories abound that demonstrate an animal’s will to live and its joyous response to kindness and care, despite a history of cruelty or neglect in some cases. All donations to CFP are used for the care of the animals. www.causeforpaws.org

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Charlotte the Wonder Dog

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